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About us.


This website is a collaboration between Sharon Widmayer, Ph.D, and Holly Gray.  We have both been ESL teachers and curriculum developers for over 20 years.

Sharon Alayne Widmayer, Ph.D.

Sharon has been in education since 1992.  She has taught ESOL both in the US and abroad. She has an MAT in TESOL, a Ph.D. in Education, and is licensed to teach reading, ESOL, English, Social Studies, and Algebra. She is currently interested promoting literacy and numeracy skills in all ages, especially using technology to promote learning, the interaction of phonetics and pronunciation with literacy, and helping students with interrupted formal education. 

Sharon is available for online tutoring through

Holly Gray

Holly has been teaching ESL since 1995.  She has an MA in applied linguistics, and while she loves all aspects of teaching English to non-native speakers, her passions are pronunciation and grammar.  She has long been interested in the use of technology for ESL and has designed and taught online ESL/EFL courses for various colleges and universities.  Holly is an associate professor of ESL at Prince George's Community College.

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