Bridging the Divide:
Bringing Together Technology Support from Across the University

Benefits of the group.

  • Increased communication on informal staff level = better working relationships
  • Increased collaboration across units (examples: SPSS, SAS, Palm Pilot support)
  • More awareness of Instructional Technology on campus and opportunity to participate in other’s events
  • Save time trying to find information or confirm rumors
  • Save money by asking what equipment work best or by getting good deals
  • Good way to network and grow professionally
  • Drawing on experience of others; sounding board for ideas
  • Increased awareness of available resources
Benefits to Law School (Larry)
  • Started at a new institution, in a new position, with new technology, and no clue
  • No formal means for coordination between different schools at the University
    • There is a higher-level committee to discuss university policy (RITC)
    • RITC is too high-up, doesn’t reach down into the trenches
  • Allows me to know what others are doing
    • Example: SPSS
  • Lets others see what the Law School is doing
    • Law school is usually seen as having a moat around it, TTS let others see what we are doing
    • Full-scale class-room renovations
    • Online access to missed classes
  • End result is better utilization of Law School and University resources
    • Example: digitization of video
    • Takes pressure off Law School to buy seldom-used hardware
    • Gets better return on ITL investment


Widmayer, Felberg, and Ross
The George Washington University
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