Bridging the Divide:
Bringing Together Technology Support from Across the University


  • A good model that can be easily adopted to other campuses.
  • No costs involved (except maybe for lunch) and many benefits.
  • Take the initiative in forming a support group. The GWU group just sort of evolved, but you can't count on that happening spontaneously.
  • Make an effort to find out which technology support people you are not hearing from. Don't assume that everyone who should be in the group has heard about it.
  • Get your group a food budget. You can lure people with the promise of a free lunch.
  • Have a listserv to communicate between face-to-face meetings.
  • Make sure everyone participates and group is not dominated by one unit.


Widmayer, Felberg, and Ross
The George Washington University
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MATTS 2002