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Pronouncing English Sounds
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The purpose of this section is to help learners of English with the pronunciation of specific sounds. On these pages you will find:
  • Pictures of how your mouth looks when you say sounds.
  • A description of how to make the sound.
  • Audio recordings of some words with that sound (real media).
  • Video recordings of someone saying words with that sound. (coming soon!)

The activities section of this website has several exercises that you can use to practice these sounds.

image of articulatorsFirst, here is a picture of the inside of your mouth and the important articulators, the parts of your mouth that help you to make the sounds.

Your lips, teeth, tongue, nose, and roof of your mouth are all important for pronunciation. The epiglottis is also important. That is the thing that you use to hold your breath and to swallow. It closes your windpipe so the air cannot come out.

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