Exercise 4: Phrasal Verbs

Stressing Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs (a.k.a. two-word or two-part verbs) are generally made up of a verb and preposition. For many of these, correct word stress is especially important as they have compound noun counterparts.

Phrasal verbs are stressed on the preposition.

look OUT
let DOWN
turn OFF

Their noun counterparts are stressed on the noun. They are also written as a single word.


You can hear the different stress patterns. The verbs are said first, followed by the nouns.

By the way, if a phrasal verb has more than three words, the first preposition gets the stress:

look DOWN on
fed UP with

For items 1-6, predict the stress. Type the syllable you think should be stressed. Then, for items 7-10, listen to the audio clip and indicate what you hear.