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Note: Exercises with sounds require Real Player.

Every effort has been made to make these exercises as accessible as possible. However, since many are listening activities, they do require sound.

These centers are small group activities designed for beginning level adult students. Usually I have between two and four centers running in my classroom at one time.

Digital Camera Center:
The idea here is that students take pictures of themselves with a digital camera while they are doing the action on the card. The card has to be in the picture. Not only do my students LOVE this center, but the digital images can be printed out and distributed to the students (One way to do that is to put them in a PowerPoint presentation that). Students get a kick out of seeing their pictures and it is a great vocabulary review.

  • prepositions and classroom objects (you'll need common classroom objects like a book, small white board, pen, pencil, etc.)
  • food and cooking (you'll need common kitchen objects like a plate, plastic utensils, cup, plastic play food, and a toy pan or pot)

Sorting Center - spelling and pronunciation:
Students sort the images according to the sound of the word.

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