Technology that Reaches and Teaches Every Student
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As more and more ESL teachers incorporate technology into their teaching, we are facing the challenge of preparing lessons and activities not only for students who may have different levels of English skills, but also for students whose knowledge of and experience with computers may be vastly different. How can teachers create successful ESL computer- enhanced activities that cater to students’ different language and computer needs?

This PCI will start off with a brief discussion of current theory and trends in teaching to multiple learning levels and intelligences. Then panelists from Higher Education, Adult Education, Secondary Education, and Distance Learning will each briefly demonstrate lessons and activities differentiated to suit their students and provide participants with practical ideas and advice for creating their own lessons. Next, participants will be divided into groups based on the setting in which they teach. Each group will work with one of the PCI facilitators to design a computer-based lesson that meets the needs of students at various language and technology levels. Then, each group will briefly present their lesson and all workshop participants will critique and discuss these lessons using guidelines discussed during the PCI. Finally, there will be a short wrap-up discussion in which participants and panelists will discuss challenges and solutions for successfully teaching students with different technology and language proficiencies.

A companion web site to accompany this presentation will include sample differentiated lesson plans, lessons developed by the groups during the PCI, links to favorite ESL web sites, and tips for targeting computer-enhanced instruction to the different needs of ESL students.

Technology that Reaches and Teaches Every Student
TESOL 2004
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