Transitions WebQuest

This activity will give you the following practice:

I.  In a word processing or HTML editing program, create a new document.  Create a table with 3 columns and 9 rows.  Label the first column "Relationship," the second column "Example," and the third "Grammatical Type."  (see sample table below)

II.  Type the following transition meanings (one per row) in the first column under "Relationship.)

III. Go to one of the following news pages: Skim through several articles and find sentences with transitions or connecting words that show the relationships you typed in your column.  Cut and paste the sentences in the appropriate table row.  Underline the transition or connecting words.  Label the grammatical type in the third column.

IV.  Hand in your assignment.

Sample Table
Example Sentence
Grammatical Type
Cause and Effect His knowledge of football came in particularly handy on the Titans set, because director Boaz Yakin  was a self-confessed know-nothing about the sport. subordinating conjunction
Concession The 33-mile time trial final would make Armstrong's career complete, although he doesn't need Olympic gold to become famous. subordinating conjunction